We believe that your home is your haven, so by whatever means you should explore every avenue to perfect the design of your living space!

Using either our in house architects or working together with your own architect, we endeavour to deliver the perfect design solution, maximising the space available and the function of the areas.

From the initial choice of property or plot to putting on the finishing touches, we will endeavour to assist you in every aspect of procurement for your dream home.

Architectural Design: Costa Blanca

A one-size-fits-all solution is never good enough when it comes to architecture, and climate and lifestyle must be considered. With outdoor living being paramount to the lifestyle on the Costa Blanca, we will help you fill your plot with a property that is fit for the warm weather and makes the most of both your indoor and outdoor space.

We can then source the finest quality materials for your outdoor area such as the furniture, tiles, paving and pool selection. The selection of the highest quality outdoor furniture, landscaping and accessories is easy when you are presented with a choice of reliable and reputable suppliers.

We will ensure all these materials and furnishings are delivered in a timely fashion and that the architects have clearly specified these to you on the license drawings before the build begins. You’ll feel tremendous peace of mind when you know that all these aspects of the building process have been taken care of, so if you’re looking for architectural design services on the Costa Blanca then get in touch with TenTen.


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